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WHAT IS ACTN3 Sports Gene™?

Atlas First SportGene® Test is geared specifically to show athletes, trainers and interested individuals where their genetic advantage lies. Atlas First looks at only genetic markers, specifically the ACTN3 gene. Studies have found that individuals having the R577X variant in both copies of their ACTN3 gene may have a natural predisposition to endurance events, in one copy of their ACTN3 gene may be equally suited for both endurance and sprint/power events, in neither copy of their ACTN3 gene may have a natural predisposition to sprint/power events. Knowing this information may be helpful, not in eliminating choices for sport activities but adding exposure to a host of team or individual sport events.

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The results have helped us immensely. We have changed his extra-curricular activities to be more in line with the test results...

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When I placed my own order for the Atlas First genetic test, I received a test kit in the mail within a few days. The test was simple to understand...

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Power Blaster PB, a training apparatus for sport specific conditioning.

Power Blaster PB

  • Gives parents and coaches early information on their child’s genetic predisposition for success in team or individual speed/power or endurance sports.
  • Genetic predisposition determination can be valuable in outlining training and conditioning programs necessary for athletic and sport development
  • Applies a simple, safe and non-invasive sampling method
  • Safe to use on the youngest of athletes
  • Test results may be used later in development with other athletic performance

Talent Identification

Talent Identification Standardized Testing

Is it possible to develop a series of Performance Tests that could measure and predict athletic talent?

The answer is Yes.

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Equipment for standardized testing: 

Zybek Sports

The unique gift you are looking for!

What a unique and beneficial gift to buy for a child or young athlete. Give them the advantage of knowing where their strengths are. Providing them with a direction for their future training.

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Talent Identification Program:

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